A Prolog library to access WordNet

WN_CONNECT is a software application prototype that aims to access the lexical database WordNet. One of its main features is that it has been fully implemented using Prolog. WN_CONNECT has been integrated into Bousi~Prolog, but it can also used for any Prolog system.

Download the software by clicking in the following link. After unzipping, do not forget to read the README.TXT:

WN_CONNECT ver. 1.3              WN_CONNECT ver.1.4.1

EXPERIMENTS FOR THE PAPER :  “Implementing WordNet Measures of Lexical Semantic Similarity in a FLP System”. Download here.

Declarative Text Classification with Bousi~Prolog: New Advances

Find a new version of the text cataloging application with a new module for generating ontology files automatically. The objective is to classify texts without human intervention and in an explainable way. This new characteristic an other features are due to the integration of Bousi~Prolog and WordNet:

Application Text-Cataloging-v2.2

Declarative Text Classification with Bousi~Prolog

Bousi~Prolog has been employed with success for classifying unlabeled short texts and text cataloging in general. A detailed discussion can be seen in:

Francisco P. Romero, Pascual Julián Iranzo, Andrés Soto, Mateus Ferreira Satler, Juan Gallardo-Casero:
Classifying unlabeled short texts using a fuzzy declarative approach.
Language Resources and Evaluation 47(1): 151-178 (2013)

where a declarative method for text categorisation which does not need a pre-classified set of training documents is given.

The following link provides the text classifier, a set of ontologies and documents, as well as instructions to reproduce the experiments performed in that paper:

 Download the Fuzzy Declarative Classifier